Don’t blame it on the youth

“With the rise of Golden Triangle of technology (mobile, social and real-time), technology is not just for the geeks, it’s now part of our lifestyle. How we use this technology says everything about us, and we’re starting earlier and earlier

A study by security company AVG and Research Now surveyed 2200 mothers in North America (US and Canada), the EU 5 (UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain), Australia/New Zealand, and Japan, and found that 81 percent of children under the age of two currently have some kind of digital profile or footprint, with image of them posted online. 92% of US children have an online presence created for them by the time they are two years old. In many cases, a digital presence is born before the child, with sonograms (23 %) actively published and shared on social networks and blogs.

A digital presence is now just a way of life…”

The end of business as usual

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